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Customer Testimonials!

"Because most event video we have seen thus far was really not very interesting I was on the fence regarding video coverage for my daughter's Bat Mitzvah. I thought the photos would be enough of a memory, but I was very wrong. Frank Duca and Hollywood East , whom I was referred to as producing an amazing representation of your event was great to deal with from start to end. He was very professional, he was non intrusive yet always at the right place at the right time throughout the evening. The final edited video is absolutely amazing. Nothing like the standard slow moving video most families have grown tired of. He captured all the important moments and somehow was able to identify the family members and "important" people to put in the final product. I highly recommend Frank Duca and will definitely hire him again for my younger daughter's Mitzvah."

Wendy Richmond Princeton NJ


"WOW, WOW, WOW We viewed the pictures from William’s Bar Mitzvah last night. They are fantastic. The posed ones are great and the candid shots are super. Your photographer was able to bring out the best in William during the photo shoot at the Temple on Thursday which, obviously was proved by the results. He captured all of us serious and poised, but comfortable and casual as well. The action shots from the Stone House make me feel like we were back there. I could even hear the kids screaming and laughing all over again. Thank you for capturing all of this plus more. Can’t wait to see the video!"

Elaine Rubinstein Bar mitzvah professional photography and video
Warren NJ.

"Frank, We watched the DVD last night, it was great. The Red Carpet was spectacular. As I said we have seen other families and companies try to pull off a red carpet but no one does it like you! We all enjoyed watching and reliving the night from a different perspective. The interviews, special effects, party footage, all such a fun way to capture the evening.

Once again, thank you"
Red carpet Bar Mitzvah Coverage for Bruce, Dorothy, Sam and Carly Radowitz.

"FRANK!!! We are RIDICULOUSLY happy. The montage is awesome. Better than we could have imagined! .. Adam and i were cracking up. All the effects were great from the wagging tongues, to fish tail flapping, to water tube shenanigans, yankee extras, hand print icing splotches..... i can go on and on. And the "Tin Cup" movie ending with Max's face in place of Kevin Costner's was just awesome!!!! What a show stopper.

It's a must see montage!!! It is so different, hysterical, creative, engaging and unbelievable. We absolutely loved it, you're amazing!!!! Thank you"

Award winning Hollywood Montage for Jackie & Adam Popper. Max Popper Bar Mitzvah. Port Washington N.Y.

As an event planner, I have worked with Frank and Hollywood East for over five years. I have found his work to be creative, interesting and right on target in terms of creating a video to fit the needs and sprit of my clients’ affairs. This summer I had the opportunity to work with Frank in a “client’s capacity” as he created a montage for my personal anniversary celebration.  It was fabulous and a joy to watch.   In this economy, where my clients are cutting back on aspects of their event, I highly encourage them to go forth with a video or montage of their party created by Hollywood East , as this is the memory that will  long outlast their event.

Terri Orringer, Partydetails

Brad, Julia and I were all blown away by the fantastic job you did with the montage and the video of her paBat Mitzvah. We LOVE both of them.

We look forward to working with you again, and to recommending you to friends.

All the best,
Carolyn Desch NYC

Dear Frank,

I can't believe it has been 4 years and 3 children since we started working together on Bar/Bat Mitzvah videos.  Each video you created for our family was incredibly creative and captured the essence and the fun of each child.  They were all different and all very entertaining.  I have to admit that sometimes sitting through a photo montage at a bar mitzvah can be a real party killer.  But your videos actually enhance the party! They are so high energy and emotional, you can't help but sit there and be entertained.  I have never seen a photo montage at any party that we've been to that comes anywhere close to a Hollywood East video Montage.  Your videos are just the right format that changes mood and feel with each song.  Your format allows parents to choose 3 songs that bring out the essence of their child from fun to serious to goofy.  They can be sentimental and fun all at the same time.  Your special effects are wonderfully entertaining. They keep everyone riveted to the screen to see what's going to happen next.  And, I have to say, that with each video you did for us, the special effects got better and better!  One of my all time favorites, though, still remains when you inserted some video footage we had of Ben playing the drums and fit that footage to the song we picked for the montage so that it looked like Ben was actually keeping the beat for the song, when he was, in fact, playing an entirely different song...AMAZING!  It's that kind of attention to detail that makes your videos so unique.  I can't thank you enough for creating videos that bring a smile to our faces whenever we watch them (and we still do!)  They are my most favorite keepsake and a wonderful memory of each of my kids' first 13 years that we will cherish for years to come---way more entertaining and heartwarming then any other event video we have ever seen.  Frank, you are THE BEST!

Betsy Schwartz

July 17, 20010

As an event planner, I have worked with Frank and Hollywood East for over five years. I have found his work to be creative, interesting and right on target in terms of creating a video to fit the needs and sprit of my clients’ affairs. This summer I had the opportunity to work with Frank in a “client’s capacity” as he created a montage for my personal anniversary celebration.  It was fabulous and a joy to watch.   In this economy, where my clients are cutting back on aspects of their event, I highly encourage them to go forth with a video or montage of their party created by Hollywood East , as this is the memory that will  long outlast their event.

Terri Orringer, Partydetails


The video is AWESOME!
You really captured the energy of the party!  You shooting and graphics graphics made the video so fresh and modern. It is something I will watch over and over again. I can't wait until my sons see it. I know the grandparents will love it!. The live candle lighting and Party fun was the best way to go and truly one of a kind. It added a fun  and professional element to the party all night long. The zap photos and cool fx posted on the screens while we were partying were fantastic. Everyone was asking about it as they have never seen this type of live projection at any other event.

“I loved seeing myself on the big screens”, said cousin Erica.
It has been a pleasure working with you!

Stacy and Alec Laken

Dear Frank,

The montage you put together for Zack's Bar Mitzvah was truly awesome. I still sit down and watch it over and over and never get enough. You followed it up by truly capturing the day with your videotaping and editing of the event. I only hope that you can top it in two years for Josh's Bar Mitzvah. Thanks for everything and see you in two years.

Lauren and David Kadish


Words cannot express the joy that we felt (and feel) every time we view our montage. The pictures are mine, their meaning is mine, but the ingenious way you put these sentiments and memories to music is real artistry. A single snapshot set to meaningful music reveals more than simply recording activities with all the background that can be distracting - the imagination is all yours. Your special effects are amazing. They are subtle and romantic when then need to be to bring on the tears. And they are fun when a chuckle is in order. The way you frame our eyes, juxtapose one image with another, and come in and out of shots illustrates your mastery of details. If the significance of a photo is not easily apparent, you make sure to zoom into the meaning, then fade out. If there is a group shot, you ingeniously paint out who the person of honor is - the lightning bolt. I especially love how you end one shot, for example with a close-up of my son's eyes, and then start the next one with his eyes. Every segment is smooth and one seamlessly runs into the next. Also impressive is the way you set certain photos to specific lines in a song - your arrangements are of a movie producer caliber.

I had to privately view my montage many times before I could compose myself to view it in public. And I have never seen a room of 160 people be so captivated by a show before. The expression on their faces were priceless. (I hope my photographer captured that!). The party is all over now, everyone has gone home, but I have this little CD that will bring me joy for the rest of my life, that I can view any time.

It is not just my opinion that your work is special and unique - all that I show agree with me. The work stands on it's own. But personally working with you and Jennifer was also a pleasure. You're confidence, calmness, quick responses and simply listening to me was a huge comfort. Thank you again.

Donna Heskins

Dear Frank,

Amazing, outrageous, professional, and memorable are only a few words to describe our experience with Frank Duca and Hollywood East Productions. Planning a dual Sweet Sixteen and High School Graduation Party for my son and daughter became an one and a half year project. We all wanted something to open the party and coordinate both events. Frank Duca accomplished this beyond what we could have ever imagined. We had 250 avid MTV watching high school students in our audience. When the video rolled starring both children the entire room was in awe! The production was a four star hit! When Frank and his crew arrived at our house the day of the filming, we were not sure how all of this was going to come together. But we listened to Frank and his crew, trusted their direction and dialogue, and the finished product blew us away.

Once again, thank you Frank for all your help and guidance. Our event is truly a night we will never forget!

Mrs. Lisa Wicks
Nicholas and Kirsten Danna

"Working with Hollywood East, in particular with Frank Duca, was like working with a real TV director. His technical knowledge, creative vision and attention to detail was apparent in the incredible finished product shown at our recent Bar Mitzvah.Our guests are still complimenting the videos they saw at the party."
Allan R., Short Hills, New Jersey

"Frank and Hollywood East takes your event out of the oh so familiar realm of grandma's home movie and into the exciting world of Big Time Entertainment Television! His exceptional style painted an exhilarating and touching representation of the evening that was..."
Alan Dak: Arts and Flowers Event Management

“Providing entertainment for thousands of  Bar/Bat Mitzvahs each year, we can not afford to provide our clients with anything but top shelf production. Frank’s experience allows him to produce some of the best video production we have ever seen. From theme based montage, Red Carpet Arrivals to full length music videos. A truly professional product we are excited to recommend here at The Entertainment Company”
Brian Rosenbaum: BRP Productions

"We were blown away! No one is doing this. The next day the family watched it over and over again. You must send me more business cards… All our friends who are gearing up for there celebration will want this. Thank you."
Bar Mitzvah Montage For Cindy Wallach /Sam Wallach

"Frank, we chose you because we wanted to produce an entrance video and montage for our daughter that would exceed anything we have seen thus far in the market. Although with your network TV experience we expected a superior product we really were speechless after viewing it all the 1st time! The music video and home movie montages were MTV quality. The red carpet arrival segment is brilliant. The whole production was very professional and a wonderful experience for Tessa. We were very pleased with your work.
Gary Flom
CEO Manhattan Automotive
Bat Mitzvah Red carpet arrival, home video montage and music video for Tessa Flom

"We are thrilled with the video montage you created for Dan. You took our pictures, ideas, mish-mash of songs and created a masterpiece, not just a slide show. The buzz at the party was that it was AMAZING! The event footage was also more than we had expected. You managed to capture all the excitement from the evening in a very creative way, as you said you would! We are so happy and appreciate all you have done for us and are proud to recommend you to anyone who truly wishes to set there event apart from the rest.
Sharon and Steve Hochstein
Bar Mitzvah Montage and party footage for Dan Hochstein

"We all want our special occasions to become wonderful memories that bring us joy well beyond a particular day. While many things contribute to the making of wonderful memories connecting people to the past and our shared experiences is one of the quickest ways to involve people and help them to feel good and special. That is why our family chose to do a video montage to be incorporated into the celebrations of my daughter's Bat Mitzvah.

When selecting a company to help execute our idea it became apparent quickly that we wanted someone who could do more than put photos to music. I consider myself very lucky to have been directed to Frank Duca of Hollywood East Video. Not only was he a pleasure to work with, but he was instrumental in creating a digital presentation that made a meaningful connection between the history we were sharing and the context within which this history was being shared. It was his understanding of our idea, his ability to conceptualize the presentation and his technical ability to professionally execute the project that resulted in a documented piece of my daughter's history we will treasure forever.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about Frank Duca and Hollywood East Video.

Lisa Levinson
Bat Mitzvah Montage

"Frank, we wanted to let you know how happy we were with your videography services! Your professionalism and talents truly accented our most important day. How you were able to capture all that you did while making us feel so comfortable and relaxed was wonderful. It was a pleasure working with you and we would highly recommend your services to any one looking to capture there day in the most natural, beautiful and unique way as you did. You were 100% correct in saying, unlike most of our friends who viewed there wedding video only once, we would watch ours over and over again.
Thank you"
Wedding for Carole & Wayne Hemming

"One of our friends who insisted that hiring a videographer for our Daughter's wedding would be a waste of money retracted her words after viewing your video! We were all so highly impressed that she said I would have hired Hollywood East and forgo the still photographer. Your work is classy, stylish, timeless and creative. Bob and I never tire viewing it. We are both grateful we made the decision to hire you and would recommend you to everyone."
Wedding for Bob and Maureen Brewster

"We couldn't be happier with our wedding video you truly captured the entire evening just the way we wanted to remember it. We have received so many compliments on it from our family and friends, everyone has truly had a blast watching it. I absolutely love the ending you captured the most perfect moment, it could not have been more perfect if we planned it!!! "
Thank you so much, Judy and Manny Reyes

Frank, you are INCREDIBLE!!!!!!! the video is AMAZING!!!!!! We LOVED it!!!! thank you thank you thank you. it is sooooooo much more interesting than any video montage i've ever seen. i couldn't have dreamed up anything more fabulous...i'm running out of superlatives, really i'm just speechless.....
Betsy Schwartz


I love the new special effects! Especially when he flies off of the see-saw! It seems you always have something new! See you for my next two and I promise to start earlier next time.

Best Wishes
Graduation Montage for Return client
Linda McKenna of Colts Neck NJ

"Frank - First of all the montage is great! We watched it late last night. The special effects are fantastic!!! Just came home from another bar mitzvah - everyone is going to be blown away with your montage- nothing compares.... anywhere!!" Thanks.

Bar Mitzvah Montage and Party video for Jody Liebowitz of Short Hills NJ


"I just viewed Robert’s montage for the first time. It is incredible. I am blown away. You just captured him and our family perfectly!!!!!! I cannot tell you how happy I am that we decided to do your montage and not one of those redundant slide shows you see everywhere. You have provided us with a wonderful keepsake!! Can’t wait to show it at the Bar Mitzvah."

after the event

What a SUCCESS!!!! Here is an email I just got from one of our guest:" Who did your montage...it was the best one I've ever seen???"

Thank you Frank, I've already given your name out to a bunch of our friends.

Wendy Scherl of Chappaqua NY

"Hollywood East not only met, but exceeded our expectations. Our son's 5 hour bar mitzvah party was compressed into a 1 hour video that contained a great sampling of the cocktail hour and the reception, while including all the moments that meant the most to us: the grandfathers' toasts, all 13 candle-lighting poems, his brother's toast, my husband's toast, his friend's toast, the mother/son dance and great coverage of all our partygoers dancing and having fun! The video will be a treasure for many years to come.

Also we loved the addition of the photos during the Live broadcast of the candle-lighting ceremony. It was like we were watching it on TV."

Thank you for everything,
Bar Mitzvah Montage, Miramax party edit & Sundance Live package for return client:
Cynthia Wallach of Randolph NJ

“Hollywood East did a GREAT job. The Montage was outstanding. So many people came up to me and said they had never seen anything like it. So different and special! Frank created a custom made montage. The Red Carpet coverage of our Daughter’s party made it feel like a real Hollywood event.  So much fun during the party and great to see on the video.  I can't wait for my other daughters party.  Frank was the best!!!!!”

Bat Mitzvah Montage and Dreamworks Red Carpet Event Coverage for: Betsy & Mark Weinerman
Owners of The Grand Summit Hotel, an elegantly refined NJ luxury Inn.


We absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the montage!!!!!! I cannot get Meri to go to sleep - she is SO excited. She especially loved what you did with her dance pics and video. You did an amazing job - and I cried all three times I watched it! Gary and I are so lucky to have you taking care of the video, photography and all other recommendations for us - thanks again for all that you have done, and are doing to make this day so special.

Bat Mitzvah Montage, Photography and Video coverage for
Sue,Gary & Meridith Scheiner
Millburn N.J.

July 17, 2009

As an event planner, I have worked with Frank and Hollywood East for over five years. I have found his work to be creative, interesting and right on target in terms of creating a video to fit the needs and sprit of my clients’ affairs. This summer I had the opportunity to work with Frank in a “client’s capacity” as he created a montage for my personal anniversary celebration.  It was fabulous and a joy to watch.   In this economy, where my clients are cutting back on aspects of their event, I highly encourage them to go forth with a video or montage of their party created by Hollywood East, as this is the memory that will  long outlast their event.

Terri Orringer, Partydetails

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